5 Games to Help with

Bedtime Refusal

Laughter releases the tensions of the day and lets children

relax and feel connected to you.

The Tool - Playlistening

"Playlistening gives you an elegant strategy: you can help your child release some tension by initiating play. One laugh, and you’ve lightened the tone for everyone. And because laughter connects us, Playlistening can be as restorative for you as it is for your child. Playlistening helps children build cooperative relationships, and it can take the sting out of being instructed, guided, directed, and taught by adults day in and day out."

-From the article What is Playlistening?

The Challenge - Sleep

"Conventional wisdom advises not getting kids riled up before bedtime. But vigorous play before bed can be an ideal way to let off steam, help children sleep, and build that sense of connection children crave!"

-Certified Instructor Roma Norriss in How to Help Children Sleep Through the Night.

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